Nourish In Your Cycle Everyday.

Meet the founders

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Antonio Valles, Founder

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Kaitlyn Cohn, Co-Founder 

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Our Story

Inspired by his fiancé's courageous mental health journey, Antonio created N.I.Y.C.E. to bring awareness on a subject that is often ignored, yet is now more common than ever. He has seen how mental health can impact one's daily life and knows that it is not easy. He wants you to find the love in yourself even on the days when you don't think there is any self love left to give. Those are the days you need it most. Those are the days where he hopes these five little words can make the biggest impact.

"Nourish In Your Cycle Everyday"

For every purchase of N.I.Y.C.E. merchandise, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness, which will aid in providing resources to help build better lives of those affected by mental illness.